Make an Investment

We're just starting out and can use all the help we can get. If you like this site, or see the potential value, please donate! All donations go towards future development of this site! As supporters of open source hardware and software alike, we strives to keep up with how quickly projects can develop. Currently, we have multiple phases planned past the current features and we hope to incorporate them with your help. These phases would bring features like:

    1. The ability to purchase a project as a completed item.
      1. A portion of the cost going to the original project creator of course!
    2. Groups of users and Group owned projects.
    3. User supplemented projects. Aka. If you make a really cool project for us, and lots of people end up using it. We want to pay you as a thank you!
    4. In browser previews of files within a project.
      1. 3D file viewing of STL Files
      2. Integration with companies like Onshape and GrabCAD.
      3. Other recommended file previewers

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    Other Options

    Please help us make this site grow! We need your help and support in every way you can help out. A couple of these ways could be:
    1. A one time donation.
    2. Providing ideas on where to grow or even helping out with the site.
    3. Making some really cool projects.
    4. Sharing this site with your friends. The more cool projects the better!
    5. Have other ways you could help? Get in touch with us via the Contact page.
    We thank you for your support and hope to keep getting better.