Project Guidelines

Getting Started

If you haven't checked out our project features or getting started pages we recommend you do. :)
They'll help provide the insight needed to get a feel for these guidelines.

Project Settings

  • CopyRight free featured image showcasing the finished project.
  • Concise and Accurate title
  • Correct Category chosen
  • Minimum of 3 relevant tags
  • Descriptive title explaining to the user what they will be getting out of the project.
  • Type set to DIY-How To
  • Estimated Time field has an estimate of the number of hours that it would take a new person looking at your project to go from understanding to a fully functioning project.
  • Project not marked as private
  • Project marked as cloneable
  • All collaborators have a professional profile picture.
  • All collaborators' role are either owner or collaborator ( aka no one is set to "pending" )

Project Overview

  • All relevant skills entered ( minimum 2 )
  • All relevant skills rated on a scale of 1 (beginner) to 3 (experienced)
  • A snapshot is created of the finalized project
  • A demonstration video uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo and showcased somewhere on the project.
  • There must also be a link somewhere through the video that points back to the SWYM project.

Project Files/Links

  • All file get it links work
  • All files have an appropriate preview image
  • All files either created or referenced in documentation are on a files tab that is intuitively named

Project Parts

All SWYM created parts need to have:
  • A featured image
  • Part name as descriptive as possible - keywords representing the group of part is in part name
  • Item Number field has the part number from Amazon or other purchase location - company name if no part number is available (rare)
  • Estimated cost reflecting the cost of the first link in the Where to Find it fields
  • An Amazon link to where to buy as the first field - a generic link to buy if not on amazon
  • Product details section pasted into the details of the part.
All other optional files/links that could be useful to other users also will be bundled with the part.
All files that are larger than 10MB will be saved in Google Drive, or similar platform and shared with "Anyone that has the link" and that link will be bundled with the part.

Electronic Parts

  • Will have a datasheet/spec sheet bundled with the part
  • Will have an example schematic on how to use the part bundled with the part
  • Will have a pinout image bundled with the part
  • Will have a KiCAD part file bundled with the part
  • Will have a Fritzing part file bundled with the part
  • Will have (if applicable) a github link pointing to a library on how to use the part with software (Arduino library as the default choice)
  • If the part is not a chip, (aka comes on a printed circuit board or something else with sizeable mass), part will also adhere to mechanical part requirements
All bundled files will have an appropriate preview image icon.

Mechanical Parts

  • Will have a 3D file bundled with the part.
    • If source code available, will have that also bundled with the part. (i.e. solidworks or onshape link)
  • If applicable, will have a spec sheet showing the capabilities of the mechanical part
All bundled files will have an appropriate preview image icon.

Project Wikis

  • Each Wiki tab will have 1 simple goal/purpose. i.e. ( "Assembly Guide", "Programming Guide" )
  • All project Wikis will include as many images and videos as possible that help explain the goal of that particular tab.
  • A demonstration video must be put on a wiki tab so the user will know what the end goal of the project is.

Project Videos

  • Professional and Non-Offensive to our community - Check with Community Relations Manager for this
  • Short and to the point ( goal of minute or less. No videos longer than 3 minutes )
  • Uploaded to YouTube and put into a playlist that is associated with the SWYM Project
  • Uploaded to Vimeo and same goal as YouTube
  • Must have a link back to the SWYM project at some point during the video.
  • Voiced over by the Community Relations Manager.
  • Music is CopyRight free and original
  • Free of Camera Jostling
  • Background is not distracting