SWYM Project Support


SWYM is a team of professional full stack developers. We mean that in the real aspect of the phrase, not just web driven development. We are capable of taking a product all the way from creating the electronics up to a graphical display on an LCD screen or on your phone/browser.


We're based out of Boise, Idaho but have optimized our work flow to work well with anyone in the world.
We utilize trello, slack, zoom/skype and our own platform to keep you engaged throughout the entire process.

Looking To Get Some Professional Help?

We at SWYM are here to help. Our team has experience working in a variety of different disciplines. If your project needs a little or a lot of help to keep you going, we want to help! We're able to help in any of the follow areas:

Program Management

Working with a remote team? We can train you on what tools we use in order to have that team work together as efficiently as possible. After all, that's what we do!
Wanting to try out Agile or Scrum? We're an Agile company and happy to help you get started!

System Level

With several years of System Architecture and Mechatronics under our belt, we're able to help you hone in and improve any existing system.


Our team has several passionate electronics experts. If you're needing help with creating a brand new PCB, learning how to wire something up, or just wanting some help or guidance along the way, we're able to help.


Looking to have something made? We know how to use a variety of 3D modeling tools, and are familiar with what it takes to make those parts. We'll help you create your ideal enclosure our housing, show you a work flow for getting your parts made, or help you with a mechatronic project that requires multiple dicipline expertise.


Need some help getting better with a specific language or concept? At SWYM, we have had to use a variety of different languages. We're pros with Object Oriented design and how to write your code so that way you can reuse as much of it as possible. Below is a subset of languages that we've used, but are the most comfortable with.
  • Embedded C/C++
  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Javascript


Looking for some help documenting your existing projects? After all, that is what our platform is designed to do. As such, it only makes sense that we're experts on the tools needed to document your projects to their full potential! Need help editing videos, creating video tutorials, writing up how to guides, testing your project out, or just how to use the features here on www.swymhome.com to their full potential? We're ready to help you make your SWYM project shine!

Billing - Free Quote

We know that it's stressful the moment that money comes up. Because of this, we offer free initial coversations to get a feel for what you're looking for, and will give you as realistic of a cost as we can from that conversation on what the overall cost would be for our help.
We're here to help you. This means that we will stick tightly to your budget and timeline and will do our best to satisfy your needs. This means that you'll choose what level experience you're wanting to utilize, and how involved you'd like us to be.

To get started, we bill at the following rates:
  • Senior Professionals - $80/hr
  • Junior Professionals - $65/hr
  • Interns - $20/hr

Ready To Take The Next Step?

We'd love to talk with you about your project! You can get in contact with us through the following means.
  • through IM via signing up with our slack group www.swymhome.com/slack ( look for @james )
  • emailing staff@swymhome.com
  • calling 855-SWYM-NOW ext 1.