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Creating and uploading videos can be harder than expected, we believe that users shouldn't have to struggle with making their videos. So we have defined what we believe to be the easiest way(s) to upload and create videos! :) Your videos will be uploaded to YouTube first so it is easier to upload onto the site,

Included are audio recording software, video editing software, screen capturing software, and where to go to upload your completed video onto YouTube on Mac OS.

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.How We Make YouTube Videos On Mac OS


Making videos sounds easy enough right? Not necessarily. Depending on what you want your video to look like, you could need to edit your video (some examples are removing bloopers, adding text, songs, speeding/slowing parts of your video, etc.). Without further ado, here is our method of creating and uploading videos to YouTube on Mac OS!

.Video Editing Software

Before we upload videos we like to edit them so they not only look better, but include features not available on a camera/phone. While editing is not required, it makes your videos look better and have an overall sense of professionalism. If you wish to edit your videos before uploading them, then you will want to read the following. If you are already familiar with editing, or frankly just won't use it, then you can skip this section :)


If you are someone who like to hop around operating systems, and does not wan't to learn multiple video editing softwares then sadly your choices are limited. Although one widely recognized software that does just this is LightWorks. How much does it cost you ask? It's absolutely free! There are pro options that are only included in the paid version, but luckily none of the videos created for this site require the pro options :D

You will find a helpful tutorial in seeing the gist of LightWorks in the section of this project labelled "Video"

In most future projects uploaded to SWYM by out staff including video editing software, the video editing software used will be LightWorks as all users can follow along.

If you decide that you don't want to use LightWorks, no problem! Mac users should find that they have iMovie. iMovie has been used by many YouTubers and has been known for its ease of use, and it has a lot of good features. If for any reason you don not have iMovie, it costs around $15. An excellent (but lengthy) tutorial for iMovie can be found in the section of this project labelled "Video". While the video is around 43 minutes, we found what we needed in the first 13 minutes. Again, many YouTubers use iMovie, this is a good software :)

.Audio Recording Software

An excellent audio recording software that is downloadable on Mac/Windows/Linux is Audacity.

You may not even need audio recording software, your videos could either have no sound or could have been recorded with everything you wanted to say! If you don't need audio recording software, then continue on to the next step :)

Our staff member xJoexRipx has had experience with Audacity, and he says that no tutorials were needed for him. He could just jump in! While the many options included in Audacity may confuse you, if you stick to plain old recording and no fancy effects you should have no problem.

If you find this is not the case for you, and you are perplexed you can spam Joe hehe. Don't worry we put a tutorial in the "Videos" section just in case!

This video is highly recommended for anyone who plans to use Audacity, as it not only explains what you should do but also why you should do it. This will prove to be helpful with any future sound recording issues.

.Screen Capturing Software

A lot of videos recorded for SWYM will include the use of 3-D modelling software such as Autodesk Inventor. Whats better than filming what you do on your computer from a camera/phone? Recording your computer work from your computer! Yes this does exist, and yes you can get it for free :)

The software we suggest is OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), and there is a video on how to get/use OBS included in the "Videos" section of this project.

OBS includes screen capture, and audio recording software.

.Uploading to YouTube

Once you have all your video and audio the way you desire, now it's time to upload to YouTube! While you may be asking why we're uploading to YouTube, and not to the site directly, there are several reasons. You can upload the URL to our site, and that will be used to place your video on the site. Another reason is that not only will other users view your video, but others around the world will watch your video. Who knows, you could become a successful YouTuber from the videos you put on this site!

Uploading videos to YouTube is a very simple process. You will need a YouTube account firstly, if you do not already have one go ahead and make one. Once you have an account, and are signed in you will find a box labelled "Upload" at the upper left corner of the YouTube home screen. Simply click this box, and you will have to find where your video file is on your computer. If your video hasn't been placed on your computer yet, this can be done by lugging your capable camera/phone into your computer via the cable that most likely came with your camera/phone. If you do not have this option, it is absolutely necessary to have some way of transferring your videos. Some phones and cameras have the ability to upload videos to YouTube. Once you have found your video, you will then be asked to give a good title, description, quality, and tags. Tags are sort of like definitions of your video. For example, if you were to make a video on how to program your new Arduino board to blink 2,000 times a second your title would look something like: "Programming Arduino Board to Blink 2,000 Times a Second." People would potentially find your video would have to look up your title word for word, which is hard if they don't know what they're looking for. This is what tags are for. Some tags that would help with this example video would be "arduino", "board", "programming", "C++", "Blinking", "LED", "2000", "times", "a", "second". If someone were to look up any of these words, your video would be somewhere in the results. So make sure to give all your videos good tabs :)

You can find a short tutorial for uploading to YouTube in the "Videos" section of this project.


There you have it! This is how we suggest creating and uploading videos to YouTube, and what video editing software to use for Mac OS. If you have any trouble with our suggestion, or find that there is an easier way than what was listed by all means message us! We will take your input under consideration :)

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