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Fun robotic project controlled through bluetooth by your very own android app.  This robot can be used for anything from maid service to even bomb disposal!

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This project will be broken into two different parts:

1- Hardware

2- Software

The first part of this project will be building the robot, and then we will proceed to code the robot.


Lets start with the structure of the robot, and then we will move toward the connections.

.Base of robot

First, and one of the most important parts of making a robot, is choosing a good base. I have experimented with many types of bases, and chose what I believe to be the best one. Bakelite sheet will be used to create the base. Not only is it somewhat cheap, but is also has the needed strength and thickness. After purchasing the bakelite sheet, use the following drawings to cut that sheet accordingly.

Print any of these 2 drawings on A4 paper, and place that paper on your bakelite sheet. Cut the bakelite sheet according to the A4 paper. Below is a picture of my base (although I used an older base to make the rest of my robot):

.Attaching Wheel Caster

This part requires precision, as the wheel caster must be attached at the exact position indicated on the A4 paper's 'Bottom View' for proper balancing of your robot. Use link in the parts list to buy caster wheel and use the 'Bottom View' Picture to drill holes in the base at the position of caster wheel. Also make sure that your caster wheel is smooth and easy to move. If it is not, put some greece to the area of rotation. Look how I attached the caster wheel:

In the above image, (3) shows my caster wheel and other two shows how I attached it.

.Attaching gear motors

Again, this is important step too if you desire proper balancing of your robot. Place your motors at the exact position indicated in 'Bottom View' picture above and mark points where you will drill a holes. Use and U-bracket to attach these motors. I have also used metallic U-brackets for this purpose:

In above image, (1) shows the U-bracket I used to attach gear motors whilw (2) shows the attached gear motors.

.Attaching RC wheels

Most gear motors comes with D-shaft. So you should be careful whilw attaching your RC wheels to D-shaft. Carefully drill the holes in RC wheel s center of axis otherwise you will ruin the balance of your robot. Below is the picture that shows the attached RC wheels to my robot:

.Making connections

Use the image below to make connections. All the component names are clearly mentioned in the schematic.


.Coding Arduino

I have attached the arduino code for this project in files section. Anyone having the basic knowledge of Arduino can easily understand it. The code is very well commented so take advantage of that.

.Making Android app

I am teaching the most easiest way to make Android app that could communicate with Arduino board via Bluetooth. Use the below link to my YouTube video tutorial in which I instructed to make this app:

.App Installation Guide

If you have not installed a customly created app befor, then this guide is for you. Below are the steps you need to follow in order to install newly created app:

1- First of all, copy the downloaded APK file to your android device. You will find that file in th file manager of your phone like this:

2- Now, click on this APK file and next screen will appear like this:

3- Click on 'Install' and it will start installaton like this:

4- It will take few seconds to install. After installation, icon will appear in app drawer like this:

5- Click on the app icon and app will start like this:

.Ready to run

Below is the picture of my robot, ready to run (the older base I have used is small in length thats why I have designed a new base for you guys. Also don't be afraid looking at PCB. Its my older one with many unneccesary things. I have designed a new one with only essential components. PCB layout for it can also be found in files section)So, this is it. Your robot is ready to run. Use the instructions in the above video to pair your mobile bluetooth with HC-05 for first time. Control the buttons in the app to move your robot. I hope you learned what you were trying to. Enjoy!

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2 Gear Motors

Gear Motors

2 RC Wheel

RC Wheel

2 1/2 inch U Bracket

1/2 inch U Bracket

1 300mm x 300mm Bakelite sheet

300mm x 300mm Bakelite sheet

1 Arduino Mega 2560 Item Number: Mega 2560

Arduino Mega 2560

Item #: Mega 2560

1 IC L293D (Motor driver)

IC L293D (Motor driver)

1 HC-05 Bluetooth Module Item Number: hc-05

HC-05 Bluetooth Module

Item #: hc-05

$8 1 link  
1 7805 voltage regulator (5v)

7805 voltage regulator (5v)

$4 1 link