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Hi friends in this project I am going to teach you guys how to program your Arduino with your Bluetooth of android device. You can program any Arduino with this method and it is easy to implement even for the beginners. It’s an amazing idea for programming Arduino through wireless means. If you also want to program your Arduino through wireless means then continue reading.
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.Lets Start:


For making any project the first thing that we need are components , so for this project we have following hardware components:

.1-Hardware components:

For making this project you need to have the following hardware components:

1. Arduino board

2. Bluetooth HC-05 module

3. Android device


6. Capacitor ( 10µF )

7. Resistor ( 1kΩ )

8. Bread board

9. PCB board ( if you want to make PCB layout)

.2-Understanding Bluetooth HC-05 Module:

In this project I am using HC-05 Bluetooth module. HC-05 is a Bluetooth SPP (Serial pot protocol) Bluetooth module, designed for wireless communication. In this project I am using this module for assembling the network between android device and Arduino (I am using Arduino mega 2560). Through this module I will send my code to the Arduino. It is used for sharing data over short distances. It is used for making PANS (Personal area networks).

1. It is a low power operation device usually ay 1.8V.

2. With integrated antenna

3. 2.4GHz radio transceiver and receiver

4. 12.7mm×27mm in size

.3-Hardware connections:

After getting the required components and understanding the important features of HC-05 Bluetooth module , our next step is learn about the hardware connections.

a-Connecting Bluetooth HC-05 module to Arduino:

So for making my circuit diagram I first make my circuit, so that I would be easy for me for making connections. Connection of HC-05 with Arduino are quite simple. I used Arduino mega 2560 and the connections are as follows:

1. I connected reset pin of the HC-05 to the one leg of the capacitor and then other leg of the capacitor to the reset with of the Arduino (Blue wire).

2. RDX pin of the HC-05 to the TX pin of the Arduino (Green wire).

3. TDX pin of the HC-05 to the resistor and then the other leg of the resistor to the RX pin of the Arduino (Cyan wire).

4. GND of the HC-05 to the GND to the Arduino (Black wire).

5. VCC of the HC-05 to the VCC of the Arduino (Red wire).

b-Step by step Hardware connections:

Till now we have learned about components , basic understanding of HC-05 and connection of HC-05 with Arduino now we going to learn the step by step hardware connects of all the components.
  1. 1- Place the HC-05 on the breadboard.

2- Connect the Vcc of arduino to the Vcc of the HC-05.

3-Connect the GND pin of Arduino to the GND of HC-05.

4. Connect Rx pin to the Tx pin of the Arduino.

5. Now connect the state pin of the HC-05 with 1 micro farad capacitor and other leg of the capacitor with the reset pin of the Arduino.

6. Connect the Tx pin of the Hc-05 to the one leg of the 1k resistor and connect the other leg to the Rx pin of the Arduino.

7. Arduino needs 5V you can use 9V battery and use a voltage regulator to regulate it to 5V , or you can you can give 5V power to aduino from your laptop like me.

8. Our hardware power is ready now its time to do our software part.


.1-Required software:

For making any project the first thing that we need are components , so for this project we have following software components.

1. Arduino IDE ( if you want to write code in LAPTOP )


2. Arduino droid ( If you want to write the code in your android device )


3. Arduino bluino ( for implementing the code on Arduino )


.2-AT command configuration of HC-05:

void setup() {

void loop() {
You need to upload this code to Arduino once to configure HC-05 bluetooth module to be used for wireless uploading.


After making the hardware connects now will write code for the Arduino, there are two ways to write code for Arduino in this project, either you can write the code in your laptop and transfer the code file to your android device or you can directly write the code in your android device. Here in this tutorial project i am going to write the code in my android device and then i will transfer that code to Arduino through Bluetooth.

I think this step is the most important part of the project, its the understanding of important parts of the project. If you can understand the basics of a projects then you can make any project out of that component.

.Simulation on hardware:

The final step of this projects is to transfer the code that we wrote in step 5. For transferring the code we need to install Arduino bluino (Link is given in step 1) in your android device. Open the application and add your code file in your Arduino turn on your device Bluetooth and this will transfer the code to your Arduino through Bluetooth module.

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1 10 uf electrolytic capacitors

10 uf electrolytic capacitors