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   The recent presidential election process was different than previous elections, and the competition between President Trump and Ms. Clinton left voters divided. This division has been unfortunate for a nation that prides itself on unity.  This is a time when our country needs to unite. We need to claim the dream our forefathers envisioned when they designed leadership for Americans by supporting our country through prayer. With that, the idea to present a "Blessed In Idaho" prayer quilt was developed.   Very talented seamstresses worked to piece together a 45" by 54" Idaho prayer quilt. The quilt represents in a tangible way the prayers for our country, our leadership, our soldiers and our direction by offering these up to God for guidance and grace.   Various support systems embarked in this effort. They provided information and shared their talents and gifts to complete the Blessed In Idaho Prayer Quilt.  The signatures showing the prayerful devotion are still being collected.  Other states are encouraged to do the same. This site is offering a means to clone our process in assisting other states in the implementation, development and delivery of their prayer quilt.

God Bless

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  • Status:Work In Progress
  • Published:November 14, 2017
  • Owner:mljsshawver
  • Category: Art


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