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Community Guidelines

SWYM's Discord Community is a central location for passionate Makers, DIYers, and Hands On Learners. It's a great place for asking questions, communicating with fellow contributors, and keeping up with the latest SWYM events.

To help foster a safe, creativity inspiring, and welcoming environment, we ask that all SWYM Community members abide by the following guidelines in all public Discord channels.

1. Be respectful. Don't engage in heated arguments, call people names, or be intentionally mean spirited. If you have problems with another community member, please talk to @james or another SWYM staff member to help resolve the problem.

2. Do not post content exceeding a PG-13 Rating. Please keep language within reasonable limits and do not share explicit or sexual images. SWYM's Community has users of all ages and backgrounds, and we'd like all members to feel comfortable in public chat channels.

3. Use the proper channel for discussions. #general is used for introductions and trying to talk to the whole community about DIY or Maker topics, #random is for off-topic chat, and the other channels are for more targeted similar interests.

4. Use common sense. Not every situation may be covered by these rules. If you're not sure if something is okay, ask a SWYM staff member. @employee

Discord Community members that don't adhere to these guidelines will be given warnings, and chronic offenders may be asked to leave Discord. We want to create the best possible atmosphere for all of our members, and keeping our public chat channels a safe and creativity inspiring location for all users is vital.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about these guidelines, please reach out to a SWYM staff member or email